Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I just need another 3 hours in the day...

and then I'd be able to keep up with two blogs. Can't find the extra 3 hours so the quilty doings are now seen over at Willowberry Designs.
I decided not to close this one though because it's nice to look back at the photos of customer quilts.
thanks for visiting, see you over at the design studio :-)
Cheryl xx

Friday, February 27, 2009

Been a bit slack here....

but I've been busy elsewhere... Here are some photos of my doings over the last couple of weeks
Michelle's pretty star quilt
Too cute! Leonie made this happy quilt

and this version of the Kookaburra Cottage 'Flower Fields' pattern

as well as a gorgeous Kookaburra Cottage 'Blackbird Pie' made from the Moda range - At water's Edge. Majella's Kookaburra Cottage patterns are available from Precious Time in Toowoomba
Loads more but the customers haven't seen them yet, so we'll wait a bit....
have a fun quilty day, Cheryl xx

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More quilting...

Edwina is a young friend of mine and this is her first quilt. Looks great!

Robyn's cute little cot quilt

with woolly sheep...

Helen's quilt for her grandson - quilted with Yo Yo in chocolate
Rosalie's Pirate Quilt for her grandson, Sam
Every block in the border has a special surprise - boats, jellyfish, swords, starfish, treasure chests and lots of other pirate stuff...
Happy birthday little Sam....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January was busy....

Over at Willowberry Designs I've been working on a free BOM stitchery pattern and that's kept me pretty busy....

But I've also finished a few customer quilts (forgot to take photos of all of them) but here are some of the photos :-)
Joan's beautiful QS Candlewick Quilt

I made this quilt for Mum about 5 years ago... but I decided it needs more background quilting
And this is Rose's lovely Rose quilt - simple piecing lets the pretty fabrics shine. I quilted it with 'Ribbons and Roses'
Have a fun quilting day today
Cheryl xx

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A non quilty post

I've been tagged by Tracey... and there are rules.... not real keen on rules.... but here goes....

The first rule is that I tell you eight things about me

1. I don't eat seafood - not even a prawn, a fish finger or a scallop and especially not calamari
2. I love shelling prawns so go figure that one out - rather odd huh?
3. I believe that chocolate is a whole food group all on it's own and must be eaten daily
4. I am really bad at keeping in touch with my dearly beloved friends. You know who you are, you're the ones who ALWAYS contact me for a coffee/chat and ALWAYS forgive me my sins
5. I really really hate mosquitoes, especially at 3 in the morning
6. I kiss my cats (eewwww, I hear you say)
7. I think a condensed milk sandwich is acceptable - dare you to try it
8. I am going to be the BEST grandma ever!! Don't know how many years I'll have to wait but I will be the best...... and I am patient.... and I can prove it - I made an embroidered wool pram blanket in 1996. The blanket and I are silently waiting for it's owner to be created.

Don't you just love that??? Fresh eggs.....

But I digress..... another rule is that I tag eight others but I'm squibbing out on that one.... sorry Tracey! Instead I'd like to tell you about eight blogs I visit regularly...

Diane over at Peddlecar Quilts because I was her secret santa and she designs amazing quilts

Lyn at Blue Bird Quilts who writes from the heart and always sends us her 'warm regards'... I love that :-)

Lynette at Lynette Anderson Designs - apart from the fact that she's delightfully generous (think Noah's Ark and Stitcher's Angel) and creative, I think Felix and Hugo have just as big a following

May Britt who is Abyquilt - every post ends with 'Today's saying' and they are always positive AND she shares lots of photos and free stuff - gotta love that...

Chookyblue from Chookyblue - has to be on the faves list, great photos and I love baby cows

Catherine Baynes who is Willow Valley Store because she says nice things about my quilting and she makes me remember the 'olden days'

Karen over at Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop - always something happening AND she likes ABBA

Sue from Sue Daley Designs who creates the most beautiful things AND runs a B & B AND she's a Queenslander - 3 out of 3!

So I'm not really 'tagging' these girls, it's more like encouraging you to check them out if you haven't already done so....

that's it.... no more.... you know all there is to know ........

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just another day, really...

Happy New Year.... and like I just said - Just another day really...... Except that we're back at the start of the circle, ready to do it all again. Enjoy the warm summer months (and complain when it's 35degrees celcius), enjoy the show as the leaves change during autumn (and get a little anxious because winter is next), enjoy digging out the quilt I started hand quilting the last winter and sit by the heater with a nice hot coffee (and make a pact with myself that this year it will be finished), enjoy the wash of colour as the spring flowers start to show their happy little faces (and scold myself for not planting more!). Then cringe in panic when I realise that christmas is only a few short months away - AGAIN! Must seem odd to read about where the seasons sit in the Australian calendar because in other parts of the world it's snowing. Right now.

Enough of that... here's Robin's 'Journey of a Quilter'. Custom quilted with no ditch quilting at all, just pretty scrolling borders on each block to soften the effect.

If you're interested in free stitchery patterns, I have a new project for 2009 at Willowberry Designs...
happy quilting
Cheryl xx

Friday, December 12, 2008

2 weeks of quilts

I've been a bit busy the last few weeks - here's the proof!

'Boxed In' - quilted with Belladonna in dusty pink

'Flower Fields' - quilted with Alfresco in cream (Flower Fields is a Kookaburra Cottage pattern, very simple and pretty)
Sharon's 'Christmas Story' - custom quilted (with lots of ditch quilting, plum puddings, stars and holly) in mid beige

'Portobello' quilted with 'Blossom' in dusty grey/blue
'Many Thanks' - custom quilted with mid beige

a lovely fat scrolling feather border...
daisies running across the quilt

and three more but the customers haven't seen them yet so I can't show you.....